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In our office we offer you a great service, advice and experience in last will writing; in Spanish and other nationalities, especially in English. We can help you to make a last will by analysing the personal situation of each client and by studying the most convenient according to the different applicable legislation. This will make the inheritance straightforward, facilitate the procedures and reduce the taxes as much as possible.



The loss of a loved one is often an emotional problem and if we add to deal with an inheritance, it is a burden, especially if we do not know the procedure to be followed because we ignore the regulations, the necessary documentation, the steps that need to be followed and the taxes that need to be prepared. There is a big difference in the procedure that needs to be followed between the following cases:

  1. If there is a testate succession, in other words, if the deceased has left a last will which specifies the distribution of the possessions after the death.
  2. If it is an intestate succession, when there is no last will, it will be null and void when the heirs are incapable of inheriting for various reasons.

In Spain there is a series of legitimate rights (la legítima), part of the possessions that the deceased (person who grants the will) can not dispose, because the Spanish law forces to transfer them to the forced heirs.


If the last will is not well written, sometimes the foreign citizens are forced to transfer the legitimate (la legítima) to the forced heirs, despite this is not their will.


The inheritance acceptance is done when the inheritance acceptance deed is signed. For this to be done, it is necessary to prepare the appropriate documentation. Once the deed is signed, it must be presented to the Land Registration so the owner can be changed and the taxes can be prepared. These taxes depend on the estate.


It is important to emphasize that the deadline for the tax submission is of six months and that sometimes this deadline cannot be met. Therefore, there is a possibility to ask for an extensión within the first five months of death.



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